Oahu Residential Tinting


The best kind of home to have on Oahu is a cool home, especially in the summer. And in Hawaii, the windows are usually the main way heat enters the home. And without a good-quality tint on a window, the heat will enter your home with all of its fierceness unobstructed thereby decreasing the very quality of your life.

Tinting substantially reduces the level of heat in your home, making it a much more comfortable place for you, your friends, your family, and your pets to enjoy. Living in an ultra-heated home is simply not fun. And of course you can buy or turn on your A/C to counteract the heat, the result is an expensive electric bill every month. So the one-time cost of tinting actually saves you money on a monthly basis.

It also protects the health of your home’s occupants by reducing nearly all of the UV rays that strike the house. This actually reduces the chances of getting skin cancer, an important side benefit to tinting that many people don’t think of.

And last but not least, a good tint job done by a professional of Richard Ahn, founder of Tinting Hawaii’s, caliber will actually add to the value of your home, allowing for a little appreciation in value for those who’s property value is a factor for them.

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