Oahu Commercial Tinting


Are you a small, medium, or large sized business located in the sunny state of Hawaii and looking for a way to improve your business by cooling down and saving money on your energy bill? You’re in the right place. Tinting Hawaii has helped dozens of Hawaii businesses over the years with all of their tinting needs.

Some businesses take great locations at a certain cost: They are pounded by sun all hours of the day. This heats up the inside and can make it uncomfortable for your customers and patrons, even with the AC on. Tint can reduce this level of heat substantially and make life inside much more bearable for customers and employees alike.

Commercial window tinting can also improve the health of your employees as they reduce almost all UV rays entering the building to practically nothing, reducing the risk of skin cancer on your employees. It is also good for helping your employees feel a little more privacy from the outside world.

And last but not least, are the aesthetic benefits: tinted windows can really improve a businesses professional appearance from the outside. Even moderately tinted windows just look better than non-tinted windows.

So if you’re a Hawaii business looking to cut down on the amount of heat and UV rays from the hot sun outside, don’t hesitate to call Richard Ahn, founder of Tinting Hawaii at (808) 258-2643 and schedule a free consultation.