Oahu Auto Tinting


Tinting your windows is the single most important upgrade you can do for your vehicle. The benefits of window tinting your car are multitude. For example, one of the most obvious effects on your lifestyle that tinting has is how it keeps your car cool from the heat. While most people in Hawaii have nearly gotten used to the sauna that is their car after hours in a hot parking lot, the temperature of your car with tint is noticeably lower. Your car reaches a lower temperature quicker, and life is better, especially on a hot Hawaiian day!

Another reason to get tint is privacy. Even if you’re not a private person, there are times when anybody could use a little privacy in their vehicle, especially in a place like Hawaii where people often change in their car before/after the beach. Tinting windows can help provide a little discretion for those times when privacy is wanted.

And one more good perhaps the most important benefit of all, is the UV protection. Yes, tinting windows can actually reduce your chances of geting skin cancer, since the window film blocks nearly all of the UV (skin cancer causing) rays from entering your vehicle. Pretty good reason to get a tint, don’t you think?

Oh yeah, and one final benefit of tinting your car: It makes your car look super cool. Am I right?

Interested in geting your car tinted? Look no further! Richard Ahn, founder of Tinting Hawaii, is one the premier professional tinters on Oahu, with over 15 years of experience and Yelp reviews to back him.

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